"Skye isn’t only an amazing photographer, she’s an amazing person. Skye is so fun to be around and has the best personality! Her work is outstanding and she really cares about the people she works with! I’ve known Skye since elementary school and since reconnecting with her she’s easily one of my best friends! Skye shot my wedding in such a professional manner! She knew the specific pictures I wanted and she made it happen! She exceeded all my expectations and then some, I was so pleased with how my pictures turned out especially with having not so great experiences in the past.

Then my husband and I had the privilege to work with her again in a stylized wedding shoot that she put together all by herself! Her artistic vision truly creates magical moments.

Fast forward a year or so Skye then captured the love I had for my unborn child in my maternity shoot.

Skye has a way about her that makes you feel comforted, confident and beautiful.

4 months later we had her do our first family pictures and can I just say AMAZING! She captured perfectly the love my husband and I not only have for each other but for our precious baby boy.

So basically Skye is part of our family and has been there for some pretty major moments in our lives.

Book with Skye, you will not be disappointed!"

Ashlie Makanoa

"Skye is amazing! Weddings can be super stressful and wedding photos can be 10x more, but Skye made the process super easy and stress free. She sat down with us before our big day to get to know us better and what moments we really wanted to remember. It was so reassuring to know that I could relax and enjoy the day because the photos were in the hands of someone I trust. She always went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable behind the camera, especially during our ceremony. We are so happy we have those photos forever!"

—  Jancyn and Hunter MacLeod

“Choosing your photographer for your wedding is just as important as finding the perfect dress. And it can be so stressful cause you never know if they will have the same image in their head, that you've had for years about your perfect day. All I can say is Skye took the idea in my head and went above and BEYOND to make our pictures absolutely beautiful. She has such a talent behind the camera and I am forever grateful to her for getting exactly what we wanted and more. She made it so fun and has the sweetest personality ever! If you want your pictures done right, then Skye is the perfect person to capture your special moments.” 

—  Mallory Chaffey

“Skye took my engagements, bridals as well as my wedding photos. I couldn't have asked for a more attentive, creative and helpful photographer. Wedding days can be very stressful yet Skye made it so easy and stress free! The results were even better than I imagined and I am consistently asked who it was who took all my photos. You really can't get any better than Skye Amanda.” 

—  Cassidy Johnson

“Skye is amazing! Not only did she give us beautiful pictures, but she helped out with the whole process so much! For example: My bridals were done in the sand dunes and I didn't want my fiance to see my dress, so he went off and she helped me get changed into my dress and made sure no one was around while I got dressed! She is so energetic and sweet and was super early to every event she had to be at. I never had to worry about where she was because she was always right where she needed to be at all times! Her pictures are gorgeous and she is 100% super dependable and professional.” 

—  Alexis Delange Hunsaker

"Having Skye take my photos was definitely a highlight of my senior year in high school!!! 

It takes patience and time to do what she does. Only a handful of people can handle it and I give her props for that...I wish I would have gotten to know her more as a person because being around Skye was always the best time. She has such a bright personality it makes shooting fun, and it's even better seeing the aftermath and how she can really capture the perfect moment. She has a special talent and she does what she loves with is always a plus! I've never had a better time shooting and better pictures than when I worked with Skye Amanda."

—  Rylee Irvin

"I couldn't be happier with how my senior pictures turned out! During the consultation Skye takes note of what you're looking for, and helps you come up with fun and creative ideas for the shoot. She does a wonderful job focusing on YOU, and making sure you are happy with the final product. I have loved working with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, high quality, fun, and creative photographer."

—  Jada Wood

"During my senior photo sessions, Skye was very helpful with a lot of questions I had whether it involved the outfit I was wearing, how I wanted my makeup, etc...This was my first time getting professional photos done, and she killed it. When taking the pictures she helped me pose so I felt comfortable and the pictures turned out awesome!"

—  Brianna Rucci

"Skye Amanda is an amazing photographer with a fantastic talent. The way she worked with me for my senior photos was so simple and easy that I had no worries! Skye has a way of making every photo look precise and immaculate. She was an ideal photographer and I recommend her to anyone looking for a fun and creative photographer."

—  Katie Paxman

"We love working with Skye Amanda. She always makes sure to listen to what your marketing needs are and uses her expertise to help create a photoshoot vision that encompasses those needs. When you book Skye Amanda Photo, you don't just get photography, you get a handcrafted experience with marketing and social media insights, awesome model connections, and a personable touch.

She is quick and communicative and is always willing to take it a step further to create that gorgeous picture that is the best reflection of your company."

—  Virgin Berri